How to do Voice Effects on TikTok

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voice effects on tiktok

TikTok Just Got Even More Fun With the Ability to Add a Voice Effect

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Online media clients are no aliens to seeing content that has been changed in one manner or another. Famous people and powerhouses are notorious for photoshopping their photos to show up as though they seem as though someone totally unique.

Presently, it does not simply look that is being modified via online media — you would now be able to change the manner in which your voice sounds.

While this is normally utilized for comedic impact, TikTok has made it workable for individuals to change their voices and adjust them with various sound effects. It’s an ideal opportunity to bid farewell to senseless channels like creature ears or shimmers and hi to voice channels!

TikTok has made it workable for content creators to change their voice.

With regards to voice channels, they basically work the same way that video and photo channels work. Applying a voice channel on the TikTok application is something that is incredibly simple to do once you know the means. Very much like a traditional photo channel, a voice channel can be applied once you’ve recorded your video.

Follow the means underneath to figure out how to do voice effects on TikTok.

  • Once you’ve recorded your video, in the top right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a little face with “voice effects” composed underneath it (above channels).
  • Snap-on voice effects and the options will all show up in succession at the bottom of the screen.
  • Voice channels, for example, “chipmunk,” “baritone,” “shake,” “electronic,” “reverberation,” and more will all be accessible to apply to your recording. This will change the first sound of your video.
  • Presently click the pink “next” button on the bottom right-hand side of the screen which will take you to the “post” page.
  • Here you can depict your video, add hashtags, @ companions, and conclude who can see the video.
  • Then, at that point you can at long last post the video by tapping the pink “post” box at the bottom of the screen.

There is a variety of voice effects to browse on TikTok.

Like video channels, there is a wide range of voice effects given by TikTok to coordinate with whatever energy you’re going for on TikTok. One more in addition to the super well-known video-sharing application is that you can hear each voice impact before you choose if you need to utilize it! You can try different things with what voice impact turns out best for you!

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Here are the voice effects that you can at present use on TikTok:

Chipmunk: High-pitched like Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Baritone: Deep and masculine.
Mic: How you’d sound talking into an actual microphone.
Megaphone: As in case you’re talking through a megaphone.
Robot: Just like you’d think — you sound like a robot.
Low Battery: Slow and drawn out as though your battery is depleting.
Vibrato: Vibrating sound like your voice is shaking.
Electronic: Scattered electronic sounds added to your words.
Reverberation: Each word or sentence has a reverberation.
Synth: As if a synthesizer is applied to your voice, similar to a song from the 1980s.
Helium: Higher pitched than Chipmunk, similar to you sucked helium from a balloon.
Goliath: Deeper than Baritone, similar to a major, cheerful monster.
Sound Waves: Similar to Synth yet with a stronger electronic sort of sound.
Play around with your next recordings to make the best sound for your tasteful — and to have your crowd in join.

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