How to permanently delete an Instagram account

The DihaNews team is here to assist those looking to get away from Instagram and other social media. This article will show you how to delete an Instagram account temporarily or permanently.

It is difficult to establish a real identity on social media. JAMA Pediatric’s findings show that suicide attempts among young people increased by 580 000 in 2007, and then rose to 1.12 Million eight years later.

How to delete an Instagram account

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You should first make sure you know how to delete an Instagram profile.

You can also back up any photos you have already uploaded to your Instagram account if you are in need. You have two options to delete your Instagram account:

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How to delete a temporary Instagram account

This trick can be used to avoid being bored on social media. It can also be used when you are studying for exams or competing in competitions. You can temporarily close your IG profile or deactivate it. However, this does not mean you will delete any comments or content you have posted.

Here’s how to temporarily deactivate an account:

Click the Deactivate Instagram Account button in your browser. Instagram will usually ask you to log into your account before you can proceed. Once you have successfully entered the page to deactivate an account, you will receive a brief message and a warning about what your account will be removed from.

The reason why you have deactivated your account is “Why are you disabling it?” This option includes 10 options such as data security concerns or taking a break. After you have determined the reason for deactivating the account, enter your password again and click “Temporarily disabled account.” Instagram will then take a few hours to deactivate the account.

How to delete your Instagram account permanently

If you are firmly convinced that Instagram is the best social media platform for you, this option will be made. All your data, including photos, videos, and followers, as well as accounts you follow and accounts that tag you in their photos, will be permanently deleted if you delete your account.

These steps are for you if you’re willing to accept all risks

This link will open in your browser:

Delete your Instagram account Log in to your Instagram account and it will be permanently deleted. Select one of the 9 reasons why you have deactivated your account under the “Why are you deleting my account?” option. This could be anything from privacy concerns to data security. You can read the consequences of deleting your account again. Once you’ve determined the cause, enter your password again and click “Permanently delete my account.” You will be redirected to the Instagram login page.

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How to delete an IG account through the Application

You can delete an Instagram account using a browser. There are also ways to delete it through an app on your smartphone. You can’t delete your account immediately through the application. However, Instagram makes it easy to access the account deletion site. Here are some ways to do it.

Click your profile once you have logged into the Instagram account. Click on options, three horizontal lines at the top. Scroll down to the bottom row and select Settings. Select Help and then Help Center. After you are directed to, click “Manage your Account”. Next, choose “Delete Your Account”. Select the question that interests you, and then follow the instructions.


This tutorial explains how to delete your Instagram account using a browser or an application.

As an additional note, you can delete your Instagram profile. However, don’t forget to disable your business’ social media accounts. Social media can be a great way to reach your target audience today, especially if you are an Instagram user.

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